St. Paul’s Desires to Serve CSULB!!!

Imagine a church that is both evangelical - proclaiming the free forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ - and sacramental, centering its spiritual life in the regenerating waters of baptism and the real presence of Christ in Holy Communion. Imagine further a church that is strongly grounded on Scripture..., favoring a comprehensive, intellectually rigorous and imminently orthodox theological system. Imagine a worship service that features both strong preaching and the historic liturgy. Imagine that this is a historical church with a rich spiritual tradition, but without legalism. Imagine, in short, a church that has some of the best parts of Protestantism and...of [Roman] Catholicism. Finally, imagine that this church body is not some little made-up sect, but one of the largest bodies of Christians in the world (Dr. Gene Edward Veith).

This is available to the students at CSULB through the ministry of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

You see, tired of being targets of "niche marketing" in both the secular and church arenas, students want to plunge into the Truth. The Lutheran Church has been proclaiming the truth of the crucified and risen Christ to students since the beginning of the Reformation in the 1500s. St. Paul’s is part of the rich spiritual heritage of proclaiming the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ in Word and Sacrament ministry. We confess this Biblical faith with the whole church on earth as confessed in the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds.
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In serving the CSULB community, we come together as one Body, wonderfully united as the liturgy of the Divine Service connects us to Christ, to each other, and to the Church of the ages. Today’s student has a place here! Our location provides the opportunity to regularly be gathered together as a true community of believers from around the world, serving students through the Sunday Divine Service, mid-week evening prayer, the diligent study of God's Word and the Lutheran Confessions, mission and service projects, congregational leadership, dinners, social activities, English as a Second Language (ESL) at our L.S.S. campus, and much, much more!

St. Paul’s is a place for creating, nurturing, and proclaiming faith in the life-giving Word of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is truly a home where the student can live and belong and grow!

Pastor Brandon Scott Jones, St. Paul’s (LCMS) Campus Ministry, 2283 Palo Verde Ave. Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) 596-4409.