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Service Times


  • 9:30am – Traditional Service with Communion
  • 11:00am – Sunday School/Adult Bible Class


  • 10am - Chapel

Please join us at St. Paul’s!

We welcome your visit. We hope the following will answer some of the questions you may have about our worship service.

We dress in a manner appropriate with being in the sacramental presence of Christ and His gifts. Most attend our services wearing business casual dress. This usually includes long pants and a collared shirt for men and dresses, skirts or dress pants for women.

Divine Service lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes. After the service, all are invited to stay for refreshments and Sunday Schoo/Adult Bible Class.

We provide a bulletin with all the Bible readings for the service. A hymnbook is also provided which contains all the hymns to be sung. Those who desire to attend the Bible class after the service will often bring their own Bible with them; however, if you do not have one with you, a Bible will be provided.

Our congregation is small enough for people to know and welcome you to our service. You will be warmly greeted but will not be expected to do or say anything.

An offering will be taken at each service. This offering goes to further the proclamation of the Gospel and toward the benefit of our neighbor in need. Visitors are under no obligation or expectation to contribute to the offering.

The pastor has been vested by God through the call of the congregation to occupy the Office of the Holy Ministry at this congregation. He wears specific garments such as a stole and chasuble to signify that office, as well as to draw our focus away from the pastor as an individual and toward the words he speaks. Acolytes and/or elders present to assist the pastor may wear similar robes but do not bear any garments of the office since they are not called ministers.

The service has two parts. The first part is the Liturgy of the Word, which consists of the Bible readings, the sermon, and prayers. The second part is the Communion Liturgy (see below). All appropriate readings and responses are found in the hymnbook and in the bulletin.

The Communion Liturgy is that portion of the service where, in accordance with Christ’s institution, bread and wine are blessed and consecrated by the Word of Jesus for use in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. We do not consider these as mere symbols; rather, we believe, teach and confess that in, with, and under these consecrated elements we receive into our mouths the very body and blood of Jesus, and that through these means the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation are given to all who partake in faith.

Since partaking in Communion is also an outward sign of the reality of oneness in the doctrine, faith, and confession of our church, Christians from churches not yet fully united in altar and pulpit fellowship with the churches of our synod, or those possessing no formal membership in any church, may not yet be ready to receive Holy Communion. Therefore, we ask all visitors desiring to receive communion to please speak first with our pastor before the start of the service. We further encourage all visitors who desire to commune to first discuss this matter with their own pastor. Christians not receiving Holy Communion are encouraged to pray that God will remove all schisms and that unity be restored by the truth of His Word.

Children are not only welcome to be present with you throughout all our services, but encouraged. However, a cry room and/or nursery is available if desired.

Sunday school for children is provided after the service.